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Hi! I’m Dr. Kate Cozart, a pharmacist passionate for the well-being of clinicians and trainees. Learn more about the first step in my “Impostor IMAGES” framework to overcoming impostor syndrome in my first co-authored book, “Things I Wish I Knew.”

A Speaker with Experience

I am available to speak to businesses, organizations, and providers on well-being issues facing healthcare workers, including:

Impostor Syndrome
Psychological Safety
Burnout & Resilience
The Art & Science of Compassion

Email your requested date(s) and other relevant information to inquire about speaking availability.

“I really enjoyed this CE! I believe this topic is valuable when assessing all relationships.”

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center webinar attendee

“Information and discussion very enlightening on a personal and professional level”

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center webinar attendee

“Great presentation and very timely message!”

Tennessee Pharmacists Association winter meeting attendee

Are you the impostor?

In my work on impostor syndrome, I have created and curated dozens of tools to help. This is a list of some of my favorites.

The Confident Provider Academy

Do you sometimes feel burnout or lack confidence? In this course, join a group of others learning how to move beyond perfectionism, cynicism, burnout, and impostor syndrome to find confidence and hope together.

"Favorite and most useful educational session of the entire conference."

ASCP meeting attendee

"I finally have a name for all the things I feel."

ASCP meeting attendee

"Kate is a great speaker and is very interactive."

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center webinar attendee

Who I Am

Creator, The Confident Provider Academy

Author, Things I Wish I Knew About Taming the Inner Critic (August 2023)

Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner, Primary Care

ASHP Well-Being Ambassador

Chair, ASHP Section of Pharmacy Educators Advisory Group on Development of the Educational Workforce

2022 Outstanding Student Preceptor, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

My Journey

I am a high school teacher turned pharmacist, who practices in a primary care setting by day and precepts numerous students and residents. I am a recovering impostor and perfectionist, and I am passionate about sharing the tools that have helped me in my own journey.

I have always loved to read and write, and once I overcame my Inner Critic, I decided to write about how to do just that. My chapter on Taming the Inner Critic is a tribute to the 8-year-old Kate with big dreams and illuminates the hope I have for my own kids to dream big and be their own biggest cheerleader - next to mom of course!

Recent Speaking Events

December 2023: The Art and Science of Compassion, for ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (Certified Pharmacy Executive Leader track)

November 2023: We DID Start the Fire: Igniting Motivation in Pharmacy Learners, for ACCP Annual Meeting EDTR PRN Focus Session

November 2023: Psychological Safety, for TVHS Pharmacy Preceptor Development Seminar

November 2023: Impostor Syndrome, for TVHS Pharmacy Preceptor Development Seminar

August 2023: Old School Teaching Styles v. New Learners, for ACCP Education & Training PRN Webinar

August 2023: Making It Safe: Promoting Psychological Safety in the Learning Environment, for Children’s Mercy of Kansas City

July 2023: Impostor Syndrome, for VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System PGY1/PGY2 pharmacy residents as part of Residency Resiliency Training (recurs yearly)

May 2023: Are You the Impostor?, for University of Tennessee Preceptor Development CE

May 2023: Making It Safe: Promoting Psychological Safety in the Workplace, for Lifespan Community Health Institute Leadership Series

April 2023: Impostors, Pretenders, and Perfectionists – Oh My!, for Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium 

April 2023: Burned Out and Fired Up, joint presentation for Union University College of Pharmacy and residents at Baptist Memorial Health Care Memphis Tennessee campus

February 2023: Burned Out and Fired Up: A Map to Bring Back Our Well-Being, for Tennessee Pharmacists Association Winter Meeting

December 2022: Impostors Among Us: Impostors, Students, or Both?, for ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting

November 2022: Fighting for Resiliency, for ASCP Annual Meeting

October 2022: Back to the Future: Bridging the Generation Gap in Precepting, for TVHS Pharmacy Preceptor Development Seminar

October 2022: Making It Safe: Promoting Psychological Safety in the Learning Environment, for ASHP National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference


March 2024: Seminar by the Sea at the University of Rhode Island

March 2024: Preceptor Development at Belmont University

April 2024: Preceptor Development at Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford

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